Imagine on Harry Styles

Imagine you’re the girlfriend of Harry. One day he said « If you have a problem and I'm not by your side, you just phone me on even at midnight. It is the promise huh ??? »
A month later, he went on tour. There you have still not called. Suddenly you hear your cell rang:
Maybe it's the way she Walked (aw!)
Straight into my heart and stole it ….
It was Harry. You jump, did the Macarena and running about all over the house before answering.
You answer finally, he tells you:
« Oh I missed you  my heart !!!
You: you too
After you ask him why he called you to His kind and there «…………  » you say to yourself but my darling there he would not leave me in the process of a wind?

You: Hazza ???

Harry: Well I missed you, I wanted to hear the sound of your voice and say good night to you.

You: Ohhhhh, this is so cute
You hear laughter from the other side of the wire. Harry keeps saying and said: « aware darling, I called you just to tell you how much I love you and I'm lucky to have a girlfriend like you »